Health & Safety

"Safety brings first aid to the uninjured."

~ F.S. Hughes

With numerous health and safety factors to consider, including risk assessments, noise pollution, crowd management and heavy lifting, it quickly becomes overwhelming. This is where we come in! Our team are GRAD IOSH and NEBOSH qualified. We ensure you meet all legal requirements, regarding both workers and customers.

   Our planning and contingency planning includes the following:

Risk assessments and risk management plans

Crowd management

Access for emergency services

Emergency lighting and power

Clear and organised communication channels

Assembly points and escape routes

Noise protection (for workers, neighbours and customers)

Height regulations

Lifting and handling (including lifting equipment)

Signs and notices


Protection of public figures and guests


Environmental protection

Adverse weather contingency planning

Fire   fighting equipment and smoke detection (see below)

Fire Safety

We provide 250 fire extinguishers, blankets, trolleys, boxes, posts, and a vehicle for onsite deployment. Our team includes former and serving employees of the Fire Service.

We have team members trained to use a defibrillator, which we provide. If and when required, we have the skills, training and equipment to treat both minor and major injuries.

Our fire safety service is in collaboration with our friends at Safeguard Fire & Security.