Traffic Management

JPS Event Consultancy Ltd

There are no traffic jams along the extra mile.

~ Roger Staubach


Traffic management guards the safety of drivers and pedestrians. Furthermore, it shrinks the time taken for visitors to enter and exit the site. Swift arrivals and departures increase customer satisfaction by minimising queuing.


We do the following for maximum efficiency:


  • Trained marshals guide visitors as they arrive and leave the event.


  • Your carpark capacity is tailored to the number of visitors expected.


  • Carparks are filled using a method designed for swift and efficient departures.


  • You are provided and set up with signage and lighting.


  • An organised, clear route for emergency services.


  • Clear routes for vehicles and pedestrians, reducing the chance of conflicts and delays.


  • Where relevant, we organise coaches to transport guests to and from the event.


What if the Weather is Awful? (Spoiler: We've Got You Covered!)


We develop wet weather contingency plans, and provide a breakdown liaison service. This ensures guests can enter and exit the premises swiftly and efficiently regardless of weather, ground conditions, and vehicular breakdowns.


Pedestrians are kept safe by thorough risk assessments, carefully planned routes, trained marshals, clear signage and barriers, plus meeting points for lost visitors.


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