Emergency Planning & Event Control

JPS Event Consultancy Ltd

"Let our advance worrying become advance thinking and planning."

~Winston Churchill


When hosting a live event contingency planning is essential, especially if large crowds are expected. Be reassured that should the unusual or unexpected occur, we have a plan to manage such eventualities. From emergency service strikes to harsh weather conditions, with our help you're prepared to handle the abnormal.


Our extensive service includes the following:

  • CAD Planning.
  • Thorough contingency planning allowing for the anticipated and unanticipated.
  • Easy-access routes for emergency services.
  • CSAS qualified marshals trained in fire safety, crowd management and first aid.
  • Places of safety and meeting points.

Contingency Planning in Action...

Example One:

Some of our events coincided with the fire strike. Due to a possible reduction in emergency service personnel, and therefore response times, we completed additional risk assessments, rescheduling events where possible. Where not possible, we increased the supply of our own firefighting equipment, which proved prudent at one event when the fire service was unable to attend a fire nearby.

Example Two:

At a festival earlier this year the water supply became contaminated. We delivered two 26K cubic litre tanks of water per day and plumbed it into our temporary supply to replace the contaminated stock.


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